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What is TowerBI?

TowerBI is a simple, programmable business intelligence tool that is made for small and mid-size businesses. You can develop public monitors for end-users, for free, or as paid monitors and earn money each month. Or you can develop them for your own private use.

The Current World

Right now, the world of business intelligence is a little bit complex for small and mid-size businesses to handle. It usually requires a lot of effort to get to what you want. Most of the time you need a data team to handle the process. Operations like colleting data, sending it to a data warehouse, structuring it in a certain way suitable for analytics, and ensuring data quality, could be slow and time-consuming, after that you need to build your dashboards in a useful way.

Building Monitors for You

TowerBI tries to take a different approach. What if you could log in, pick the monitors you want from a store, configure them, and you are ready to go? We do this by providing a platform that developers could build monitors on, and share the profits with them. So you could expect, for example, to find monitors in our store that allow you to track product prices, or monitors that let you track useful information from popular services like Stripe, Zendesk, Intercom, DataDog, NewRelic, Sentry, Your Bank, Slack, Zoom, GitHub, Google Cloud, AWS, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Workspace, Jira, etc.

Building Your Monitors

At the end of the day, you will have to do some of the work. So, our plan is to make this as simple as possible. You can right now do almost anything using collectors. Like connecting to your database, copying the data you care about to our API, then visualize it. But this could be difficult for some people, so we will provide connectors in the future, and a visual drag-and-drop tool to build your monitors.

More features to come

We plan to introduce Insights, Anamoly Detection, Alerts, and Scheduled Emails later.

If you need to look at the data constantly, like monitoring all payments for example, or you want to analyze the data and make any kind of heavy operations on it, you may not find TowerBI helpful in those cases.