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Getting Started

1. Free or Paid

The first thing to do before starting developing a monitor is to decide if you are going to make it free or paid.

2. How to get the data?

Some monitors won't need to store any data. For example, a simple monitor that shows you how many stars your repository has on GitHub might not need to store any data. You could just make an HTTP request every time the user views the monitor, then read the stars count, and display it, and that is okay for that kind of monitor.

But other monitors will need to store data. In CoreBI you store the data through our API. And you could provide a docker image of a stateless program that you write in your preferred programming language that fetches the data periodically from its sources, then call the API from the container to save it.

Start Developing

After deciding the above, you are ready to go!

In the next few sections, we will explain the tools that you will find on your monitor management page that you could use to develop the monitor. You don't have to use all of them, just read about what you need.