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Public Monitors Ideas

Here you can find some ideas of public monitors you can go and build.

Stock Market

  • Stocks


  • Stripe (latest charges, last and current month profits, current balance)
  • Personal bank account (latest transactions, current balance)


  • AWS (useful info about all the services)
  • Google Cloud (useful info about all the services)


  • Woocommerce (useful info about the store)Shopify (useful info about the store)Magento (useful info about the store)


  • Facebook Ads (useful info about latest campaigns or the account)
  • Google Ads (useful info about latest campaigns or the account)

Customer Service

  • Zendesk (overview of tickets and the agents' performance)

Project Management

  • Jira (overview of projects and issues)
  • Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics (general stats)

Application Performance Monitoring

  • Newrelic (general stats)
  • DataDog (general stats)


  • Any SaaS subscription status (state of the subscription, and maybe predict the amount of the next bill)


You tell us

Pick an example you like, and think of what the end-user may be interested in. Build the monitor to view the data in a simple way, and contact us to publish it to the store.

Remember, if you developed a public monitor, you don't get charged for using our API or running your container on CoreBI. Public monitors are like a partnership between you and CoreBI.


At this early stage, it is better to contact us before you start working on a monitor, so we can ensure that the monitors are unique and not redundant.