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Opinionated Visualization

Why we don't use charts

When we were building the service, we found out we have to rethink how to present the metrics data to the users. And we decided to take a certain position against the way charts are used now. Why?

They are unnecessary feature most of the time, they give you a fake feeling of satisfaction and control, and deceive you with their beauty. Charts could be misleading too. We believe that a table with a simple CSS chart in the background could do the job, draw your focus in a calmer way, and save you some anxiety too.

Almost any monitor will need to present one of those three things, a state, a state combined with a visualization for the change in that state over time, or the relationship between many states (not over time). That's why we choose to go with Scoreboards and Tables only for now since they fill those needs perfectly.

This leads to more simplicity and clarity.

If you want to see the relationship between the change in many states over time. You can use the horizontal and vertical background bar charts together.