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It doesn't matter which way we will build our monitor, we will need to use Github authentication to let the users view their data as many times as they like because Github has a limit on unauthorized requests.

Before we start, go create a private monitor, take a note of its ID, and go to the OAuth tab in the monitor management page, and copy the Callback URL.

  1. First, you need to create a Github App. To do that, go to Github, then from the top-right menu, choose Settings. Then Developer settings > New Github App. Enter the required data. For the Homepage URL, enter<monitor_id> , enter the Callback URL you copied before, disable Webhook, and fill in other fields.

  2. After you successfully create a Github app, copy the Client ID, Client secret from the app page to the OAuth form on CoreBI, and copy the Authorization URL, and Access Token API URL from the Github documentation which should be<client_id>
    for the Authorization URL (after replacing client_id with yours), and for the Acess Token URL.

  3. Submit those changes.