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The Visualizer is the tool you use to build visualization for your monitor. You should provide a JS object, that has the same signature like the example below:

version: 1.0,
type: "<type>",
do: async function(ctx) {
versionThe version of the visualizer API.
typeThe type of the monitor. Two options are available: scoreboard, and table.
doThe function that will do the visualization.

More about the do function

This function is supplied with an input usually called ctx which is provided with useful functions you may need.

The ctx Object

This object has some useful methods like getToken and askForAuthorization, which makes working with OAuth easier.

All the methods included with the ctx object are:

getTokenRequest access tokenNoneToken or empty string
refreshTokenRefresh access tokenNoneToken or empty string
askForAuthorizationAsk the user for authorizationNoneNone
showMessageShow a message to the userStringNone
setScoreboardSet a Scoreboard dataCheck the Monitor Types sectionNone
setTableSet a Table dataCheck the Monitor Types sectionNone