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Intuitive Business Intelligence
Simple, programmable business intelligence tool that is made for small and mid-size businesses. You can develop public monitors for end-users, for free, or as paid monitors and earn money each month. Or you can develop them for your own private use.
!Currently in Beta,open for developers only!
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Monitoring can be easy, and sane!
Pick your monitors from the store, configure them, and you are ready to go.
First step is to collect the required data for the monitor. You can do this in two ways, by pushing the data to our API from your servers, or you can use a docker container as a collector and we will host it for you.
Collectors are free for public monitors, while private monitors are charged based on computational power.
To build the visualization of your monitor, you use a simple but powerful tool we call Visualizer, which enable you to write javascript to construct the view of your monitor. The code of public monitors will be reviewed by our team to ensure end-users privacy, while private monitors won't go under any review process.
If you are developing a publich monitor, you reach out to us at the end to run a simple approval process, add the monitor to the store with the price you choose, then you receive your monthly profits through Stripe Connect.
Stripe Connect is required only for public paid monitors.